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      Hello everyone.

      I’m surrounded by 16 acres of woodland (mixed). It seemed a shame not to start turning. New hobby at the age of 70. So along came a lathe for my birthday.

      I’ve joined a local club and managing to get some turning done when not busy outside.

      Quite nervous about turning as I had a saw accident last year (hand injury).

      Question:  how safe is it to turn wood we’ve just coppiced or sawn up following recent storms.   There is alder, pine and some huge pieces of oak.

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      ed (the amateur) turner
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      It’s as safe as turning any wood. If your new then I would ask at your club to find someone who can give you a lesson or two before you start so that you stay safe.


      All the best



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      enviable access to timber.  Do get advice from an old hand about the turning big, but  especially about storing your wood to avoid cracks and shakes

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