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    Hello everyone.

    I recently turned 60, and thoughts turned to what I might do when I hit retirement at the grand old age of 66.  I am in the position now, where I don’t need to work, but choose to, as I am an IT Contractor profession.

    Back in the 1970’s I did a bit of woodworking/turning whilst at school, and I thought to myself recently, I quite enjoyed back then, I know what I will do, buy a lathe and become a wood turner, and who knows, it might make me a few bob, if I become good at it.

    So, I bought a lathe last week, and started to practice, its then you realise, oh, I need that widget as well, so off to google to find it

    Hopefully, the raw commodity should be an issue, living where I do, and I prune back every year – with a chain saw, so I am into extreme pruning 🙂

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    Hi Alan,

    Welcome to Olivers Woodturning.

    It’s good to see somebody getting back into woodturning. What lathe did you go for and what do you think you will be making?

    There certainly are a lot of widgets and thingamebobs involved but if you are just starting out you shouldn’t need to go crazy. Getting to grips with the basics is what Ed ( our boss and resident turner ) would advise.

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