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      Greetings, Brian from about as far NW Kent as you can get.. Bexlyheath. Just on the cusp of retirement and decided to take up woodturning. Have spent almost a lifetime building allsorts from wood and DIY. Have looked at You Tube and some of our American cousins and their “Shops” with enought equipment to build wings for airbus, ( all great and talented guys though).  Ive worked in smaller factories in engineering. Sigh. Anyway, have just finished remodelling my 6ft by 5ft shed, Lathe arived Friday so almost good to go. Will be starting with pens, small spindle and bowls and looking to include resin and get bigger as my skills improve and I keep all my digits..

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      Hello Brian,

      Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

      This forum isn’t the busiest place but feel free to ask questions or post pictures of your work.

      I’m sure Airbus have a tool for every job but you don’t need to fill your shed in the same way. Getting to grips with the few basic tools should see you through most of what you want to do.

      If you are ever in the area and want a chat with our resident turner feel free but give us a call first just to make sure he is here.

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      Robert Martin
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      Hi to all, I as Brian  have recently started turning, about a year ago, and as with him I am somewhat restricted where space is concerned, the thing is you will make it work, what seems okay on paper when you’re laying out your plant, doesn’t always work in reality,  not enough room for your elbows or the chisels, as I’ve just finished having another major reshuffle, hopefully all will be okay this time, but if it doesn’t hey ho try again,the worrying thing is at 71 I might clock off before I’ve got it right and got down to the main event making sawdust out of a perfectly good piece of wood, enough of my ramblings happy turning.Bob.

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