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    Triumph Dave
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    Hi,I’ve decided that after a year,the hobby is for me.I brought a Clarke AWL lathe a year ago to see if I’d use it as much as anything.Well use it I did,I even splashed out on a Nova chuck with 50mm jaws and then got a set of 35mm Sorby jaws from Ed’s (doubled the price of the lathe already)

    Now I’ve set my heart on Axminsters AT1416VS,but what has stopped me is that it has a 33mm shaft,too tight to get an insert for my chuck.

    do I…

    1 get an exert to fit,but then my chuck is a long way ahead of the bearing

    2 get my chuck machined out to take an insert

    3 bite the bullet and sell my chuck and get the Axminster one,which I feel loathe to do as I feel I have the better chuck in the Nova,or am I wrong?,and would have to buy all of the jaw sets again.

    Does anyone have any views either way? or another possible solution.



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    ed (the amateur) turner
    ed (the amateur) turner
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    Hi Dave

    If you are going to buy the AT1416VS then the excert should be idea should be dropped the distance between centres for that lathe is 400mm an excert and chuck will be taking over 100mm out of that so you would be left with under 300mm between centres.

    Option 2 is also out of the question the thread in the Nova and Patriot chucks is something like M35 so there’s not of a size difference in the two threads so hence why the excert is made.

    So the best bet is new lathe new chuck – You could always buy a Patriot chuck direct thread from me of course 🙂

    All the best



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    Hi All,

    it’s been a while since my last post but I haven’t stopped turning 🙂 .  I was recently donated an Emco db5 which is not a great lathe but it does it’s job.  I am restoring it and would like to know what kind of chuck would be most ideal to turn some bowls on it.   I have a nova chuck on my smaller Charnwood lathe and was wondering if I can use something a bit bigger on the emco.

    Any ideas are welcome.




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