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      Our second tutorial comes from Alan Currans and he has written about how he finishes off his wood pens. Have a look at the Finishing Pens with Superglue tutorial  and leave any comments here.

      Thanks Alan.

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      Good tutorial.

      Being on a very tight budget, I don’t buy accelerator in aerosols. I buy an accelerator pen stick from my local B&M store. It can be rubbed against the pen barrel, and there’s much less waste. I don’t usually go to 20 coats of CA, and tend to cut it back with 00/00 wire wool, then Autoglym super resin polish. A tiny bit of polish goes a long way.

      I saw a tutorial somewhere for making tapered poly bushes for pen turning. I’m going to have a bash at that, because they don’t stick to the barrel for the same reason as in the tutorial. Also, they are kinder to tool edges.

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      A very well written tutorial Alan, thanks for sharing it,

      Mark G.

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