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      My daughter and her partner were out for a drive during the week and found a roadside stand selling bags of seasoned firewood at 3 for a tenner. The bags appear to be mainly beech, with some oak and at least one piece of birch.
      I am always on the look-out for new sources of cheap timber and see no good reason for turning my nose up at what someone else would put in a wood burner.
      All of the timber is neatly cut into stove lengths.
      I don’t have video facilities, which is probably just as well. No-one wants to look at my ugly mug after all. This is my attempt at a Youtube challenge, which is enigmatically named “the bangle bowl challenge.”
      An oaken bangle, turned from firewood, and finished with shellac based friction polish.

      Laid down showing side grain

      Standing up showing end-grain

      I do hate waste.
      I think I will enjoy the rest of this firewood.

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      That is very nice Tom good save from the fire

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      ed (the amateur) turner
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      Very nice Tom I can’t how this could be firewood ๐Ÿ™‚


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      Firewood indeed !! ๐Ÿ˜€ ย this is a cracker Tom. Beautiful grain and very well turned and finished.

      Bet you are going to enjoy the rest of that lot.


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