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      I serviced my mates car not so long ago, and I was holding one of the old spark plugs, and then the idea came to me. It looks like a finial! So developed a box around the engine theme.

      I turned the box in the shape of a piston and used the plug as the finial.

      I used some spalted beech, and left all the tool marks on the outside, so it would look as old as the plug, painted,  finished the inside with acrylic lacquer and hey presto, the piston box.

      c&c always welcome

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      ed (the amateur) turnered (the amateur) turner
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      Well Brody when I saw the first picture I thought it was a spark plug on top of a piston, the second image show’s it’s a box so I think that you have achieved what you set out to do. As per normal you seem to have turned this to a very high standard.


      PS Thanks for the order, it should be with you on Tuesday.

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      Cheers ed! I was going to use a plain bit of timber, but I prefer the surprise the spalting gives when the lid Iis off. I think the site is great. Very easy to navigate through, and everything from the pictures to the description is clear. Very impressed with it sir!

      Looking forward to playing with my new toys 🙂


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