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      Hi everyone!

      I’m new to this site and relatively new to turning. I’ve been looking to find a decent woodturning shop and community for ages and I’m glad I’ve found one that’s relatively close to home!

      I’ve just put an order in for some tools but if I’d seen the site sooner I would have dropped in this weekend.

      Hopefully I’ll remember to keep an eye on the forums to pick up some new tips and that I don’t ask too many stupid questions.

      Best regards,


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      Hi Joe,

      Welcome to the forum, I am also new to turning so new in fact I don’t even have a lathe just yet.

      I am in the process of getting set up and ready for a couple of lesions in January, cleared out the garage this weekend and will begin building my turning area next weekend, I am sure there will be photos etc as I progress.

      Don’t worry about the silly questions, I will probably beet you to them 🙂


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      Hi Joe, welcome to the forum. Its not exactly busy at the moment but if you ask a question Im sure you will get helpful answers.

      Just so you know, the shop isn’t open at the weekend but you can still order online over the weekend.

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