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      I am Mike, I first turned 25 years ago at schoo and restarted 6 months ago.

      I currently have a coronet elf (needs new spindle bearing) and a CL2 that I plan to convert to variable speed in new year .

      I have tried the closest turning club but wasn’t impressed with the groups of talkers but no turning, did get some nice blanks though. I’m going to try the garden of England club in January

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      Hello Mike,

      Welcome to Olivers Woodturning.

      Hope you enjoyed the Christmas/New Year break. Good luck with the conversion project.

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      Hi Mike,

      I’m Les.

      I was wondering how you got on at “Garden of England Wood Turing Club” as I had heard some not so good reports but also some very good ones. Looking at their website it does interest me as a relatively now comer to wood turning and keen to get as much help as possible to developing my skills.


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      Hi Les

      The Garden of England Woodturning Club is a happy friendly group. I join this club when I first started turning and am still there today.

      I’ve not heard anyone say anything bad about it and if it was bad I would not be there.

      All the best



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