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      palletwood bowl

      Mornig all. Just a quick post to try out uploading.

      This segmented bowl was made from a pallet that I saved from the skip. Planed down and added Paduak accents to break up the rim and for the foot.

      Pallets can be beautiful.  4 days previous to this, it was just a simple pallet with a compressor on. There’s usually something that can be saved, and my saying is nothing wasted.

      c&c welcome

      cheers  Brody

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      ed (the amateur) turnered (the amateur) turner
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      Hi Brody

      Wow!!! I would have never thought of turning a Pallet! I have to say that looks stunning and the Paduak really sets it off.


      I think that the shape works really well with the inlay of the contrasting wood. What size is it?

      That’s one for the book.


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      Cheers Ed. Very much appreciated!  It’s 8×4 and finished with cellulose sealer and a few coats of satin lacquer.

      Now I’ve got uploading sorted I will post some more of my wares. I promise I do make normal things too. Ha ha

      Cheers  Brody

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      That’s a nice bowl and I never had the idea that I could make something out of pallets.

      the two colours of wood really work together. this because of the light from the pallet and then the dark from the paduak really makes the bowl stand out and is not plane.

      but all in all great idea.



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      Cheers Luke. It was an idea that just popped into my head which is how most of the things I make come to be. It did come out better than I thought it would and took a really good shine.  The recipient didn’t believe it was a pallet till I showed her the photos of the process.

      I’m hoping to explore this a little more.

      Many thanks for your comments



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