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      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"]Parting tool sharpener Parting tool sharpener[/caption]

      I hope this post is delivered ok having had problems with photobucket.

      The sharpener is fairly quick to make, this prototype took about an hour to assemble and cost approx £2- and the good bit is it works a treat. Sharpening on the diamond plate is quick and removes very little steel, about six passes  on each side is all it takes to restore the sharp edge . The idea is not mine, it  comes from the plane iron sharpening guide and i have also made ones for my parting tools with equal success.

      Happy sharpening – Mark.

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      ed (the amateur) turner
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      Hi Mark

      That looks a very simple but effective thanks for sharing


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      Ooooh! I like that. I have one of the guides for wood chisels, which I never use because I prefer to do my chisels freehand the way I was taught. I like that idea for square scrapers & parting tools though. I never gave using a slip stone or similar a thought for turning tools. I know some guys use diamond cards as they turn, on skew chisels to keep them dressed.

      I’ve just picked up a pair of in-line skates from freecycle for a steady rest project, but will have 3 wheels left over – complete with bearings.

      The cogitation has begun. If I only had more time. I really need to get rid of this day job malarkey…. 😀

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      Nice one Mark. It don’t have to be complicated and expensive to work. I like the possibility of variation too.


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