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      Using a pen kit I made a Fountain Pen. It worked fine but it ran out of ink sooner than I expected. I have been informed it was because there is not an airtight seal when you put the top on when not in use and pen kits always have this problem but shop bought pens do not have the problem.

      Have you made Fountain Pens?

      Do all Fountain Pen kits have the problem?

      Someone mentioned an ‘O’ Ring

      Are there any Fountain Pen kits that do not have the problem.

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      Hi Patrick, I’ve made more fountain pens than I can count (more than 12) and never had that problem. I’ve got one here I made a year or so ago, don’t use it very often, and I’m still on the original cartridge. The only thing I can think of is that you may have a very ‘wet’ nib, does it put a lot of ink on the page? You can normally adjust the nib by unscrewing the nib housing from the section and then very carefully either pulling or unscrewing the nib feed. You can then adjust the nib position on the feed and put it back in the housing. There are some very good videos online about it.

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