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      I love to add colour to wood, and although some say it’s a travesty to cover spalted wood, I thinks sometimes it can accentuate it.

      Spalted Beech which was textured on the outside before dusting it with black then copper paint, then applying verdigris wax. This was then hit with a wire wheel with the lathe running slowly  to add further texture. All finished with acrylic lacquer.

      c&c always welcome

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      ed (the amateur) turnered (the amateur) turner
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      Hi Brody

      I’m a great fan of letting the grain stand out but now and again I agree that this can be enhanced and I think that you have done this with this piece.

      I like the textured green and the spalted timber set this piece off well.

      Nice job and as always well turned.


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      Cheers ed.  I’ve got a few of these blanks, and this one was the least spectacular, and, as I said on FB, it was pretty grey on the outside so there’s not much to miss.

      I’m half way into a wide shallow bowl which I’m hoping to finish later that is being left alone as it’s gorgeous as it is.


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