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      Hi Guys,

      I live near Elham in Kent and have followed my Grandfathers enjoyment of working with wood, as a hobby.

      He is getting on a bit now (95 years old) and isn’t able to enjoy his passions anymore.

      However, he has given me some money to get a lathe and to get involved in a hobby that gave him the greatest enjoyment.

      I’m looking for recommendations for a bench top lathe for beginner to intermediate level; along with accessories that would help a starter to the hobby.

      Kind regards


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      ed (the amateur) turner
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      Hi Steve

      Welcome to Olivers Woodturning.

      A hobby desk top lathe would fit the bill for small stuff say bowls up to 8″ (200mm) diameter this would be something like the Axminster hobby lathes.

      Something like the basic tool set 67HS would be a good way to go for tools and then you would need something to sharpen them on.

      If you ok at sharpening then anything would do, if your on a tight budget then you could buy a cheap bench grinder and learn how to use it. If finance is not an issue then I would recommend the ProEdge it’s so simple.

      Hope that helps

      All the best




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      Hi Steve

      Glad you decided to follow in your grandads footsteps, I’m sure you will enjoy woodturning, I just wanted to say when choosing a lathe don’t do what I did and purchase a mini lathe, I regret it now as it is far to small for me already after just 1 month , I would go for a midi or maybe something bigger if finances allow it will be worth the investment, happy woodturning.

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        After a bit of investigation, I learned that I work nearby the Axminster shop in Iwade. I called into there and had a nice chat with one of the staff there. He practically said the same advice and when I saw the size of the smaller lathes it was an easier decision to go for the bigger more versatile unit. I now have a lathe that has a long bed and a swivel motor unit, that allows me to take on bigger projects or have easier access to a piece when I need it.

        Grandpa passed away at the beginning of November and I was able to make a nice oak goblet for him to take with him. It was rudimental as it was my 4th piece of work I’ve turned, but I know he was proud of my first bowl.

        I’m looking to get a day to learn the basics of woodturning so I can start off on the right foot rather than develop bad habits.

        Ed, I apologise for not coming back to you, or even thanking you for your recommendations. I have started with an angled sharpening plate on a bench grinder and some diamond honing paddles. Ultimately I would love to get the Pro edge as I can see the obvious benefits to this system. If you have the time it would be nice to see more videos from you as I love watching people explain their craft and techniques. Mike Waldt, Sam Angelino, Rick Turns Channel and Carl Jacobson are great to watch. Recently I’ve subscribed to young Caitlin’s channel who is a massive inspiration to everyone.

        I could waffle on all day but I’m glad to have been introduced to a wonderful craft filled with great people.

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