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      A pporridge bowl and spoon I made from a lovely piece of Apple. Thin wall with texturing around the rim. Partly fo looks and partly for increased grip. Turned the handle for the spoon, and carved the rest. All finished with a homemade Foodsafe finish of blended beeswax/mineral oil.

      And two rolling pins for the wife, made from a ggorgeous Ash blank bought from Olivers.  16″  and  4″   with a very minimal amount of design, and again my blended Foodsafe finish.

      I needed this today, it’s been far too long since I smelt wood in my nostrils,  and has gone a long way to making me feel better. Now busy planning tomorrows work. Good times 🙂

      Comments always welcome my woodturning brethren 🙂


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      Lovely. I’ve always fancied trying a spoon, but can’t quite seem to pluck up the courage. I’ve done a few flour scoops and the like, but they’re relatively easy because they are just a mini-bowl with a handle on one side.

      Nicely elegant rolling pins too.

      Well done.

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      Very smart Brody now all you have to do is turn a plate, make a knife & fork and you’ll have a full set 🙂



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