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      Hi all. .I just turned 80- never been to the UK…never been to Europe, so please allow my Anerican way of writing.

      I’ve been turning for about 4 years, off and on. Started with Sorby tools, and find them better than anything I can buy here. Not only that, the USA distributor don’t have a full line if the tools. I found this site by accident, and wanted to place a good size order, but found out you don’t deliver to the US. Wgish I new somebody in your vicinity that would buy and ship to me for me, however that’s not in the cards.

      While disappointed I fell in love with the website. and all it offered. The forum is one, and the learning section. So, i’ve joined you folks(hope you don’t mind), as I can’t purchase anything.

      We do not have anything as complete as Olivers website, and I would live to be part if your forum and woodburning club. My email: – glad to meet you all!

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      Hello Bill,

      Welcome to Olivers Woodturning. No we don’t ship to the USA due to insurance issues.

      You many not be able to purchase but check out our facebook and youtube channels for ideas or simply to watch some videos.

      You may want to rethink making your email address so public, you may be inviting all sorts of spam email.

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