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      i was given an East German “Woody” lathe about 20 odd years ago and every so often i go back it. Years ago in my spare time, i used to do a lot of wet turning which is a great stress buster and you could fill a large black sack with the shavings from two 9″ bowls and the lovely earthy smell stays with you. I still mainly wet turn when i’m at the lathe but i’m interested in pushing my limits more. To this end i had a piece of wet  laburnum with splits and cracks from the base of the tree (about 25 years old) and wanted to make a bowl with a narrow neck which you can see in the pic. Unfortunately my boyish enthusiasm (ha ha, that’s a laugh as i’m in my 60s) got the better of me and i rushed some of it. I should have rough turned it and then left it for a year or risked microwaving it as i have done in the past. But no, i ploughed on and consequently some of the grain tore and then went grey when i applied the finishing oil. Then i had the idea of using a contrasting wood for the (Honduras mahogany i think) to make a more narrow neck. But what a rookie mistake – i used seasoned mahogany with un-seasoned laburnum so the neck partially split. I’ve since turned the splits off and the bowl has lost some of its appeal but its ok considering i have not been on the lathe for some years. It’s back on the lathe still being sanded to remove the torn grain but you get the idea.

      My finale point is a request, can anybody recommend a deep turning scraper as i used a crown finger nail spindle gouge to hollow out this form and it’s too short and too risky.

      Sorry, cannot upload images yet!

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      David Hedges
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      Hi Sullivano

      Have a look on the Asley Iles website. If you plough through it you will find a specially designed scraper that Tony Iles made for Tobias Kaye. It’s a very useful scraper that can be rolled over to avoid a dig in as you come up the sides

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