34HS Hollowing Tool Set

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Robert Sorby 34HS 5 Piece Hollowing Tool Set

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Product Description

The Robert Sorby 34HS Hollowing Tool Set, designed for smaller hollowing projects. A comprehensive set of tools for anyone who wants to create small hollow forms.

The 34HS Hollowing Tool Set consists of:

  • The 850H for narrow entry capable of entering holes of 3/8″ (10mm) with a working maximum depth of 3″ (75mm).
  • The 851H swan neck hollowing tool which has a specially designed shaft, cut flat on one side. When using this tool, keep the flat surface in contact with the tool rest. This prevents the tool twisting with the downward force generated when hollowing. This tool has a swivelling, removable cutting tip to present the tip’s cutting surface to your work. Use the 851H tool for under cutting and the removal of end grain wood. The 851H requires a minimum access point of 1/2″ (13mm) and has a working depth up to 5″ (127mm).
  • The 852H boring tool has a triangular shaped tip which can be pushed into the wood to form an opening.  This tool is coupled with the 853 depth stop, you simply tighten the screw mounted in the 853 at the depth you want to bore. This prevents accidentally boring straight through the bottom of the hollow form.
  • The 854 wall thickness gauge. Used in conjunction with the 851H, giving a true reading of the consistency of the wall thickness.

The three hollowing tools are 14″ (355mm) long.

In the box of the 34HS Hollowing Tool Set:

  • 850H Shallow Hollowing Tool.
  • 851H Swan Neck Hollowing Tool.
  • 852H Boring Tool.
  • 853 Depth Stop.
  • 854 Wall Thickness Gauge.