890H Sorby Thread Cutters

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Robert Sorby 890H Thread Cutters

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Product Description

Robert Sorby 890H Thread Cutters do as their name suggests and cut threads in wood. There is a choice of 10TPI, 16TPI or 20TPI .

We currently offer the 10TPI and the 16TPI thread cutters.

If you would like the 20TPI cutter please get in touch as they are a special order.

Each pack contains two cutters. One for end on work. The other has its cutting edges on the side to add detail to the inside edges of turned items.

The 890H thread cutting tool range also includes the 895H Relief Cutting Tool and a 893H Tool Support Rest which makes cutting threads much easier.

Note: Use Hardwoods for threaded work. Those that are particularly suitable are boxwood, lignim vitae, cocobolo and blackwood. Other types may crumble around the tooth edges. Avoid Softwoods.

Tip: Light pressure should be applied to the tool while cutting and if you need to extend the threaded surface beyond the width of the tool then you should only extend by one or two threads with each tool pass.

890H Sorby Thread Cutters Review

Excellent tool as have generally come to expect. Do practice on some scrap as the technique to cut the threads does take practice to match chisel and work piece speeds. Make sure you have a lathe that has a slow speed as this is essential. For the internal cut just takes some more practice.