Chestnut Products Acrylic Pen Blanks

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Acrylic pen blanks for pen makers

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Product Description

This is the Chestnut range of acrylic pen blanks. Supplied as a solid block of colourful acrylic. You can turn them on your lathe to create pens of standard or unusual shapes.

There are 24 different designs to choose from:

  • Antarctica.
  • Bedsitter Images.
  • Black Hill.
  • Broadway Hotel.
  • Cafe Society.
  • Constantinople.
  • Ellis Island.
  • Flying Sorcery.
  • Indian Summer.
  • Lord Grenville.
  • Merlins Time.
  • Midas Shadow. – Currently out of stock.
  • Midnight Rocks.
  • Modern Times.
  • Mondo Sinstro.
  • Murmansk Run.
  • Necromancer.
  • Old Admirals.
  • Optical Illusion.
  • Pandora.
  • Royal Courtship.
  • Terminal Eyes.
  • Timeless Skies.
  • Valentina Way.

Size: 20mm x 20mm x 150mm.

Combine one of these Acrylic Pen Blanks with one of our pen kits to create a unique and personal gift. No two blanks of the same type are ever quite the same. You might think that these Acrylic Pen Blanks are best suited to ball point type pens but they also make a great body for a fountain pen.

Note: Our stocks of Acrylic Pen Blanks changes from day to day, if we show a blank as out of stock please get in touch as we can order them in.