Red Coolabah Burr – Up to 4kg

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Red Coolabah Burrs. Rich in Colour. Great to Turn

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Product Description

Red Coolabah Burr caps rich in colour and ready to turn.

The Red Coolabah (also spelt Coolibah) is common all over Australia. Being part of the Eucalyptus family this is a very hard wood, with some amazing colours. The heartwood colours range from a light pinky brown to a full on reddish brown, with all the shades in between. All these colours are framed by a white sapwood. The outer of the Red Coolabah burl caps are normally quite spiky although some have a smoother outside.

These burrs are great for making bowls, sculptural pieces or for mixing with resin to make hybrid blanks. Many turners leave the outer spiky casing as a feature of the turning.

Once turned and sanded the Coolabah needs no finish. Just sand with something like the micro mesh sanding pads for a super finish.

Here we list Red Coolabah Burrs with weights of up to 4kg. Larger burrs are available and will be listed separately.

Images are for rough guide.

Each piece is weighed and marked fresh cut according to Australian certification. This is the weight we work to. Over time weight is lost as the wood dries.