Bimble Box Burr

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Bimble Box Burrs Full of Figure. Ready for the Woodturner to Expose

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Product Description

This page lists all of the Bimble Box Burr that we have

Bimble Box burr from Australia is also known as Poplar Box and is part of the Eucalyptus family of trees.

These Bimble Box burrs are full of figure. Once turned and finished they look stunning.

Like the other Australian Eucalyptus burls that we have imported, the hardwood is framed by the creamy white sapwood. This truly adds something to the figure and colours of these burrs.

Images for the Bimble Box burrs here are just as a guide. These burrs come in a range of shapes and sizes and we just pick the best piece. If you would like to select your own you’re more than welcome but call first to make sure someones here to help.

We have a range of sizes from 3kg to 10kg.

Each piece is weighed and marked fresh cut according to Australian certification. This is the weight we work to. Over time weight is lost as the wood dries.