Chestnut Products Buffing Wheel Kit
Buffing Wheel Kit Box

Chestnut Products Buffing Wheel Kit

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Comprehensive Buffing System to enhance your work.

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Product Description

A Buffing Wheel Kit can bring a shine to any woodturning.

Supplied by Chestnut Products this buffing wheel kit is designed to fit into either a drill or lathe chuck. The jaws on the lathe chuck will need to be able to close to 18mm or 25mm.

The buffing wheels are manufactured from a quality unstitched cotton to give the maximum flexibility and are quickly fitted to the mandrel.

The three stage buffing system will result in a high gloss finish. Each buffing wheel is designed to take the recommended compound and full instructions are supplied with the kit.

This Chestnut Buffing Kit comes with:

  • Three 200mm (8″) cloth wheels of varying firmness.
  • Tripoli and White Diamond compounds and Carnauba wax.
  • One large 1″ (25mm) and one small 23/32″ (18mm) mandrel.

The larger mandrel fits most chucks.  The wheels use an easy mounting system. Produces a high quality finish with ease.

  • Wheel A uses Tripoli.
  • Wheel B is for Diamond compound.
  • Wheel C uses the Carnauba wax for polishing.

Chestnut Products Buffing Wheel Kit Review

WAO! Great product, high quality!
The mandrels are good centered – no vibrations while rotating. Securely fits in my 4 jaws selfcenter chuck.
I use the larger mandrel.
It would be useful to indicate orientative spindle speed (RPM).I found some info on internet, but nothing was in the ‘user manual’.
Useful to polish non round forms.