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Chestnut Products Iridescent Paints


Chestnut Iridescent Paint to bring colour to your woodturning.

Chestnut Products Iridescent Paints for the woodturning artist.

We are excited to offer Chestnut Products New range of iridescent paints. These paints have the brightest vibrant colours that we have seen. Changing your viewing angle causes these paints to shift colour. Or paint onto irregular shaped object to see its effects without moving, the various angles reflect light differently to reveal different colours and lots of it.

Chestnut Iridescent paint

could be applied to your work by brush, cloth or air brush. Or in anyway that you would like to use this range of paints.

With nine exciting colours to choose from the possibilities are endless. Blend and mix colours to get the effect that your looking for to enhance your woodturning. Wherever your just colouring the rim of a bowl or creating a fully covered hollow form, this range of Chestnut Products Iridescent Paints will give you all that you will require to create that master piece.

Chestnut Products Iridescent Paints

Available in:

  • Azure
  • Cerise
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Turquoise
  • Vivid Blue
  • Yellow

The Chestnut Products range of iridescent paints are supplied in 100ml bottles.  Or in a 9 bottle starter pack each bottle containing 30ml.

The iridescent paints are water based which can be thinned with water or with Chestnut Products Reducer if required. The iridescent reducer is best used if your going to use an air brush to apply the paints.

All bottles of the paints have a ball bearing inserted in them and the bottle of paint needs to be well shaken before use. This is so that the iridescent paint formula is mixed before applying.

It’s time to get creative! It’s time to add art to your woodturning with Chestnut Products Iridescent Paints.

If you intend to use these paints with an Airbrush you may need some Reducer to thin it.


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