SOV-RS200DBS Deluxe Hollowing Tool Set

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Product Description

The SOV-RS200DBS Deluxe Hollowing Tool Set. Built around the Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool. Features the Sovereign handle extension system. It is quick and easy to join the 12″ and 4″ handles together.

A multi function tool providing a great introduction to hollowing. It can be used for numerous applications.

Incredible hollowing and scraping precision.  With a swivel tip and teardrop scrapers. Increase versatility with optional coving, recessing and beading cutters.

SOV-RS200DBS Deluxe Hollowing Tool Set contents

  • Multi Tip Hollowing Tool.
  • Spindle Gouge 3/8″.
  • Spindle Roughing Gouge 3/4″.
  • Bowl Gouge 3/8″.
  • Standard Parting Tool 1/4″.
  • 12″ Handle.
  • 4″ Handle Extension.
  • 3/8″ Collet.
  • 1/2″ Collet.
  • Tang Collet.
  • Threaded Coupler.
  • Diamond Honing Card 600 Grit.
  • Robert Sorby Focus on Specialist Woodturning DVD Part 1 & 2.