Deluxe Live Centre System

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Robert Sorby Deluxe Revolving Centre System

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Product Description

Robert Sorby Deluxe Live Centre System (DRCK) is available in either 1MT or 2MT shaft sizing allowing it to fit most lathes in use today.

This is a comprehensive Deluxe Live Centre System. It is supplied complete with a hollow live centre which allows access to the end of the wood that you are working on, a must for pen turners. The various tips cover all types of turning projects so there’s no need to keep a range of centres.

The revolving centre tips are quickly changed with the aid of the ejector tool which is also supplied in this Deluxe Live Centre System and when the revolving centre system is not in use it can be stored in the deluxe storage case.

The kit has the following tips supplied:

  • 1MT or 2MT body ( choose your kit from the drop down menu above).
  • RC60CP 60° tip, the main workhorse.
  • RCRC ring centre for use when there a chance that the wood could be damaged.
  • RC516H hollow ring centre when you need to drill the centre end of the timber while still mounted between centres.
  • RCLHBP long hole boring location pin for when the timber has been drilled. This pin fits in to the RC516H and centralises the work.
  • RCCC cone centre for mounting small pieces.
  • RC60MP 60° mini point for small pieces where access is required to the end of the piece.
  • RCSC steady centre, holds home made jam chucks.