Dome Buffs

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Chestnut Products Dome Buffing System


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Product Description

Dome buffs from Chestnut Products are available in small, medium and large. There are also three grades.

Specially shaped to work on the inside of bowls but also suitable for use on the outside, to buff the final polish for example. These are very effective and help produce a professional finish to your woodturning.

Use a Dome Buff in a power drill or a lathe via a chuck.

Chestnut Products Dome Buffs Grades

  • Grade A buffs – a firm unstiched cotton. Used with compound 1 to cut back the finish and remove minor imperfections.
  • Grade B buffs – a softer unstiched cotton. Used with compound 2 to leave a very fine finish. Prepares the surface ready for the final finish application.
  • Grade C buffs – a very soft unstiched cotton. Used for buffing up the polish or wax finish to a high gloss shine.

Approx Diameters:

  • Small – 6cm
  • Medium – 8cm
  • Large – 10cm