RS60 Eccentric Chucks by Robert Sorby

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Eccentric Chuck Complete Kit M33 x 3.5 thread

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Product Description

The Robert Sorby eccentric chuck is supplied complete with screw chuck, face plate, ball drive and socket and spindle thread adaptor (please select adaptor size when ordering). Theres a direct thread version for lathes with a spindle thread size M33 x 3.5mm. It also comes with an interactive CD, project book and comprehensive instruction book.

Open up the creative side of woodturning with the eccentric chuck the possibilities are endless, this set gives you multi centred turning at it best, the screw chuck gives great grip without slip and can hold timber in place weather side grain or end grain mounted. The face plate offers the option to mount larger pieces of wood securely. Lastly the ball and socket drive enables turning between centres with up to a 20˚angle of the lathes axis. Work can be moved without taking it of the chuck because of the unique offset boss.

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