Everbuild Superglue De-Bonder 20ml

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Product Description

NOTE: This product has been discontinued. Please check the Chestnut Debonder or the Zap Debonder as suitable alternatives.

EVERBUILD SUPERGLUE DE-BONDER is a solvent based liquid for de-bonding all types of cyanoacrylate based Superglues. De-bonder works on most common surfaces including skin.

-Works on glass, plastic, rubber, brick, stone, wood and laminates.
-Fast acting formula
-Can be used on skin (when applied as directed)

-Do not use on bitumen.
-Do not use on painted surfaces.
-Do not use on polycarbonate or other sensitive plastics.
-Do not use on plated or anodized surfaces.
-Always test a small inconspicuous area prior to full application.
-As the manufacturer cannot know all the uses its products may be put to, contact technical services for advice if in any doubt.