ProEdge Fingernail Profiler

Fingernail Profiler

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ProEdge Fingernail Grind Profile Jig

Product Code: 446/447UPG
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Product Description

If your prefer the longer fingernail grinds to your gouges, fit the Fingernail Profiler jig to your ProEdge system.

The ProEdge fingernail profiler, when used in conjunction with a ProEdge sharpening system, gives a perfect sharp profile every time. It works with bowl or spindle gouges in the same way.

The fingernail profiler is fitted to the ProEdge via the fingernail boss bar.  The large tool platform has to be removed which is a one bolt operation.  The jig can be fitted and working in under a minute.  Once fitted and your preferred angle is set then it’s just a matter of two or three rolls of the gouge in either direction to have a fully sharpened gouge ready for use.

The profiler is also available in a few other model numbers.  These include a bench mounted housing so the the jig can be used on a standard bench mounted grinder.

New design for 2018.

Sorby Fingernail Profile Jig User Review

I recently purchased the Sorby Fingernail Profile Jig SKU 446/447UPG. This jig is a must for the Sorby sharpener it is so easy to operate and would recommend it. It is of good quality for the price.