Golden Artist Colors Crackle Paste

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For a colourful crackled finish to your woodturning apply Golden Artist Colors Crackle Paste

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Product Description

Golden Artist Colors Crackle Paste creates a cracked, textured finish. Something new for your woodturning.

Apply this acrylic based medium to the surface and over three days or more it cracks as it dries. The surface will accept paint. Add Acrylic colour to the crackle paste for a tinted, colourful effect.

The thicker the application of Golden Artist Colors Crackle Paste the deeper the effect. The minimum thickness is 1.6mm (1/16th of an inch).

This paste must be applied at a room temperature no less than 18° F (65°C).  Leave to dry at the same room temperature because the paste does not work if force dried!

It is 100% white opaque.

It’s time for an adventure, it’s time to crack up your woodturning with Golden Artist Colors Crackle Paste.

Supplied in 8fl.oz (237ml) tubs.