PEVB Gouge Jig

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Gouge Jig for Standard Grind Woodturning Gouges

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Product Description

ProEdge standard gouge jig for simple accurate sharpening of your woodturning gouges and wood carving tools.

The Robert Sorby standard gouge jig consists of a V block mounted on a bar. The bar is designed to slide into the pre-cut channel on the ProEdge sharpening system. Once in place you simple hold the gouge or rounded carving tool in the V block, offer the tip of the gouge up to the sharpening belt and then the tool is rotated in a back and forth rolling action.

Because all the angles are set the same each time you sharpen your tool, the tool is sharpened perfectly every time.  When sharpening, you only need to give the tool two or three rotations to keep a good clean cutting edge.

The gouge jig is designed to sharpen standard grind gouges, there is a optional jig for fingernail grinds.