Hamlet Spindle Roughing Gouges

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Spindle Roughing Gouges by Hamlet Craft Tools

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Product Description

Hamlet Spindle Roughing Gouges for roughing down spindle blanks.

The spindle roughing gouge also known as the roughing gouge. This tool should only be used for bringing a spindle blank to round. They’re not designed to rough down logs or bowl blanks to round. Due to the design of the tool the large corners can catch, which in turn can bend the tang. With continual catches the bending of the tang will weaken the steel and then the tool could snap! When bringing logs or bowl blanks to round a bowl gouge should be used.

Hamlet spindle roughing gouges are made from high quality M2 HSS (high speed steel) which keeps it’s cutting edge.

Available in two sizes:

  • 3/4″ Gouge has a 10″ handle HCT064
  • 1.1/4″ Gouge has a 14″ handle HCT065
  • 1.3/4″ Gouge has a 14″ handle HCT066