Beeline Wax from Hampshire Sheen

Hampshire Sheen Beeline Wax – Beautiful Wood Wax


Product Code: HSBEE195

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Product Description

Sadly, this product has been discontinued.

Beeline Wax is new from Hampshire Sheen.  This high quality, blended wax was created in accordance with customer feedback. It gives a satin finish with the warmth expected of Beeswax.

You will notice that the wax is very soft in the tin, due to the blended Beeswax. Once applied it is as tough as Microcrystalline wax and resists fingerprints.  No other wax is quite like this.

Hampshire Sheen Beeline Wax Application

  1. Sand your work down to at least 400 grit.
  2. Apply sanding sealer and once dry cut back.
  3. On a slow speed lathe, use a paper towel to apply a small amount.
  4. Allow to dry and buff to a shine on the lathe.