Hampshire Sheen Danish Oil – Food and Toy Safe

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Food and Toy Safe Danish Oil

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Product Description

Hampshire Sheen Danish Oil is a thin oil which works its way deeper into the wood. Food safe and EN71 compliant making it toy safe

You will notice that this Danish Oil doesn’t have as strong a smell as other Danish Oils and isn’t as much of a skin irritant, this is thanks to dearomatised white spirit. The Tung Oil is 100% pure, there are no artificial ingredients and it is biodegradable.

Hampshire Sheen Danish Oil highlights:

  • Thinner to get deeper into the wood.
  • Low odour
  • Over 50% Tung Oil
  • Will not peel or flake off.
  • Water resistant.

Basic Danish Oil Application

You may wish to test the oil on an offcut of the same wood before applying it to your work.

  1. Ensure cap is on tight and shake well before use.
  2. Sand your work as you normally would, achieving a smooth finish.
  3. Clean the surface and ensure it is free of dust.
  4. Using a clean paper towel or rag apply the Danish Oil liberally.
  5. Leave for a few minutes.
  6. Remove excess oil from the surface using a clean paper towel or rag.
  7. You can apply another coat after 20 minutes but you may need to leave for up to 60 minutes.
  8. Allow to dry thoroughly for up to 72 hours before buffing.
  9. Apply your preferred finish.

Danish Oil Use Safety Concerns

Keep out of reach of children. Protect your skin and eyes while applying. Rinse eyes thoroughly should the oil come into contact with them, then seek medical advice. Do not swallow, seek immediate medical advice if you do.  Allow towels and rags to dry before disposing of them responsibly. Do not pile up saturated towels or rags as this could be a fire hazard.

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