Hampshire Sheen Original

Hampshire Sheen

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Hampshire Sheen Hand Blended in Hampshire

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Product Description

Hampshire Sheen is a hand blended mix of Danish Oil, Carnauba Wax and Microcrystalline Wax which offers a high quality finish for wood.

The blend of both waxes and oil offers a hard wearing instant finish with a high gloss look and feel.

The High Gloss version adds extra lustre to your work.

Note: We have been advised that it is normal for this wax to form a top crust when left standing.

Hampshire Sheen Application

Simple and quick to use. Once your work has been sanded the wood is best sealed with a quick coat of sanding sealer. The sanding sealer surface should then be rubbed down with either fine wire wood or a Nyweb pad. Then a coat of Hampshire Sheen should be applied and once dry (a few minutes) buffed on the lathe.

Only needs a single coat to achieve a great finish. For best results, 2 or 3 coats gives a much brighter finish.

New Tin Size: Hampshire Sheen will shortly be moving to a one size only range. The new size is 130g. You can still buy the other size tins while we have stock.