Simon Hope Hollowing Jig Laser

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Simon Hope Easy Hollower Laser Kit

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Product Description

The Simon Hope Hollowing Jig Laser Kit is an add on for the Hollowing Jig made by Simon Hope.

Using the Simon Hope hollowing jig laser kit helps to accurately hollow out hollow forms in your woodturning work.

The laser mounts on the Simon Hope Hollowing jig. It lets you see from the outside where the cutting tip is on the inside. This takes the guess work out of hollowing.

Please note that it does not stop you coming through the side of the hollow form you still have to do that yourself, but you can set the laser the distance away from the cutting tip of the hollowing tool so that you can see when you have reached the require wall thickness for the vessel you are turning.

Mains powered, supplied with power supply and extension cable.

Note: Never look directly into the laser emitter or point it at people or pets because this can result in serious eye damage.