Intrinsic Colour Collection Midnight Blue Stain

Intrinsic Colour Collection Water Based Wood Dye Stain

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Product Description

The Intrinsic Colour Collection Water Based Wood Dye is a range of 11 unique colours.

  • Non flammable.
  • Water based.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Range of 11 colours.
  • Penetrates deep into wood.
  • UV protecting Danish Oil.
  • Long lasting colour.

The Intrinsic Colour Range

  • Black – build up to a deep Black with several coats.
  • Burnt Orange – a dark orange, on the orangey side of brown.
  • Earth – Warm brown, described as the colour of drying mud.
  • Flame – A bright yellow orange.
  • Forest Green – Quite dark, similar to Jade.
  • Honey – A bold, glorious yellow.
  • Midnight Blue – Deep blue with a hint of purple.
  • Plum – Adds a royal expense to your work.
  • Ruby – Deep and opulent dark red.
  • Stone Blue – A fairly bright blue.
  • Straw – Rich yellow/green, imagine grass.
  • Danish Oil – with added UV protection to protect the vibrancy of your colouring.

Additional Info

The colours can be blended or used as a wash.

Sold in 250ml bottles, as a complete set or individually. An optional Spray Cap is also available for the 250ml bottles.

Sets of 15ml sample bottles are also available.

Available in a set of 12 10ml bottles of concentrated wood dye. Handy pipette caps are included for precision diluting.