Liberon Special Effects Wax

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Create Striking Effects on Wood

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Product Description

Liberon special effects wax is semi hard and ideal for creating striking effects on wood and many other materials.

The wax be applied by cloth or brush. If you are covering textured work then a stiff bristled brush works well. Once applied give the work a brush off to remove excess.

If you wish to remove or reduce the Liberon special effects wax after it’s been applied, this can be done by simply wiping over with a cloth which has something like finishing oil on it.

Other finishes can be added to enhance the effect of the Liberon special effects wax such as the Chestnut Products gilt cream this can be applied over the wax to highlight areas.

The Liberon special effects waxes are available in black and Verdigris and supplied in 250ml tins.

The hollow form below has been created using Verdigris and gold gilt cream.

Ed Oliver Pot of Gold using Liberon Special Effects Wax