Melamine Gloss Lacquer Spray

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Product Description

Melamine gloss lacquer spray is a solvent based lacquer which dries to a high gloss finish.

The advantage of the melamine base lacquer over acrylic lacquers is the faster drying time. The melamine gloss lacquer spray dries in around 5 minutes, acrylics take around 20 minutes to dry.

For the best finish,  build up fine layers of lacquer. Once you have finished sanding your work apply a coat of lacquer and allow to dry for 5 minutes. Sand again with 600 grit sanding cloth and apply the next coat. Repeat this process until you have an even surface. Finally, sand with Nyweb pads until you have the finish required.

Melamine gloss lacquer spray is a solvent based lacquer. Make sure the area that your working in is well ventilated. Wear a face mask and eye protection when using it.


  • 400ml Aerosol spray.
  • Dries within 5 minutes.
  • Hard-wearing, gloss finish.
  • Suitable for any wood type.