Modular Micro Sandmaster Head

888/0 Modular Micro Sandmaster Head

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Rorbet Sorby Mini Sandmaster

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Product Description

Modular Micro Sandmaster Head only, to be used with the modular micro handles.

The modular micro Sandmaster has a 1″ (25mm) rotating sanding head, which is lockable at angles using supplied hexagon keys.

This set also comes with sanding discs, two of each grit: 120, 180, 240 and 400.

The modular micro Sandmaster is an inertia type sander which gives an even, fine sanded finish very quickly. The Sandmaster has a foam padded head to help get into those hard to get into places.

Care should be taken when removing the Velcro backed sanding discs from the foam Modular Micro Sandmaster head. By supporting the foam edge with your thumb while peeling off the sanding disc you can prolong the life of the foam pad.