Pinata Alcohol Inks

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Product Description

Pinata Alcohol Inks are dyes for GlassCast epoxy resins.

Choose the Exciter pack for 0.5oz sizes of all 9 of the intensely saturated coloured inks.

You may have noticed that the Blanco Blanco white is the only colour available in a larger, 4oz amount. This is because the white ink is used to help the other colour inks move within the resin. You can also have it sink within the resin to form a colour structure at the bottom of the casting.

Pick from these colours:

  • Sunbright Yellow
  • Calabaza Orange
  • Senorita Magenta
  • Passion Purple
  • Baja Blue
  • Rainforest Green
  • Blanco Blanco White
  • Mantilla Black
  • Rich Gold