Pointy Tool
Ashley Iles 3 Point Tool H64

Ashley Iles Pointy Tool

£19.70 excl.Vat(£23.64 inc.Vat)

3/8″ Ashley Iles Pointy Tools

Product Code: H64

Product Description

The Ashley Iles Pointy Tool used and loved by many woodturners. Ashley Iles advertise this as one of the oldest known woodturning tools.

The Ashley Iles use high speed steel for the Point Tool. The working point has 3 flat faces creating a pyramid shaped. Use in a similar way to a skew. This tool is used to create small beads, decorating with V cuts or tidying up box lids and other pieces of your work.

This little tool is simple to use and should therefore aid any woodturner with their decorative work.

We only have the 3/8″ (9mm) left in stock.