Simon Hope Power Sanding Arbors

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Velcro Sanding Heads for power sanding

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Product Description

Power Sanding Arbors by Simon Hope.

The Power Sanding Arbors are designed to fit standard 1/4″ screwdriver bit holders. Use with a powered drill for power sanding. The Simon Hope Power Sanding Arbors have a detachable Velcro pad which can be replaced if required.

Velcro backed sanding discs are easily and quickly changed by simply peeling off the unwanted sanding disc and a new one pressed on.

Power sanding arbors are available in three sizes:

  • 36mm.
  • 47mm.
  • 72mm.

Tip: When removing any Velcro sanding discs always hold the edge of the Velcro disc with your thumb as you peel away the sanding disc. This will stop the Velcro pulling away from the foam backing pad. This will prolong the life of the sanding head.

Note: These Arbors are not designed to fit the Simon Hope Pro Sanders, they are for power drills etc only. If you need a sanding head for a Pro Sander you need the Simon Hope Pro Sander Velcro Heads.