ProEdge Aluminium Oxide Belts

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Robert Sorby Replacement Aluminium Oxide Belts

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Product Description

ProEdge aluminium oxide belts for everyday sharpening.

These belts are designed for everyday sharpening and re-profiling of your tools. The courser grit of 60 gives a fast removal of steel so is ideal for re-profiling the gouge. 120 grit will also reshape gouges and give a clean cutting edge, where the 240 grit supplies the fine cutting edge that your work requires.

The ProEdge aluminium oxide belts are suitable to sharpen woodturning gouges, skews and scrapers made from steel and high speed steel. These belts will also sharpen other woodworking tools such as chisels, carving tools and plane blades.

ProEdge aluminium oxide belts are available in the following grits:

  • PE60A = 60 grit.
  • PE120A = 120 grit.
  • PE240A = 240 grit.

Available as belts from Robert Sorby or as our own compatible belts which are the same thing just without the bag.


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