ProEdge Zirconium Belts

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Genuine Robert Sorby replacement Zirconium Belts

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Product Description

ProEdge Zirconium belts designed for HSS Tool sharpening.

The ProEdge Zirconium belts are the ones to use if you have a range of high speed steel woodturning tools. These belts are specifically designed to sharpen HSS cutting tools.

Zirconium abrasive is stronger than the more commonly used aluminium oxide. Zirconium has a high resistance to dulling and can last up to 5 times longer when sharpening hard steel such as HSS.

The advantages of using the Zirconium belts for your HSS woodturning tools are that the belts will last longer and give a superior finish to the cutting edge. Use 60 grit for reshaping or repairing damaged cutting edges. 120 grit for maintaining a sharp cutting edge.

Robert Sorby ProEdge Zirconium belts grits.

  • PE60Z = 60 grit.
  • PE120Z = 120 grit.

Available as belts from Robert Sorby or as our own compatible belts which are the same thing just without the bag.