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Robert Sorby ProEdge

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Product Description

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The ProEdge sharpening system offers exact sharpening of your tools every time. One of the most common problems in woodturning is maintaining the angles on various woodturning tools. The ProEdge sharpener is the solution. The ProEdge machine has an angle setter which locks into position at the required angle. You can even lock the angle at a custom setting if you prefer.

Unlike a grinding wheel, the sharpening belt runs over a flat bed so there’s no other adjustment required. A grinding wheel also constantly wears so the distance bar has to be set up to compensate.

Belts are easily changed in seconds. Once you have your grinding angles set correctly for your turning tools you are only likely to have to do this to replace worn belts. The belts cut away the steel of the tool rather than just rubbing it away. This action lowers the chance of overheating the tool steel.

The ProEdge is without doubt a very simple system to use and with it’s host of jigs will aid the sharpening of almost anything in addition to  your woodturning tools. There are a wide range of abrasive belts to sharpen and reshape the cutting angle or repair damaged tools. Course grit belts are designed to re-profile your tools while the finer grits can give an almost polished sharp cutting edge.

Built from solid steel, this machine is very robust and will last for years. It’s a compact machine so only requires a small space on the workbench, but Robert Sorby have also produced a lightweight floor standing cabinet that can house the ProEdge and provide plenty of storage. The pivot action of the machine is designed for the comfort of the operator.

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There are two models in the ProEdge range, the machine is the same but the deluxe system is supplied with some additional items.


What’s in the Proedge box?

PEB01A ProEdge System

  • 1x Aluminium Oxide Belt PE120A (120 grit).
  • 1x Zirconium Belt PE60Z (60 grit).

PED01A ProEdge Deluxe System

  • 1x Aluminium Oxide Belt PE120A (120 grit).
  • 1x Zirconium Belt PE60Z (60 grit).
  • 1x Skew Jig PESKEW.
  • 1x Fingernail Profiler 446/447UPG.
  • 1x Standard Gouge Jig PEVB.
  • 1x Aluminium Oxide Belt PE240A (240 grit).

We have a PDF version of the manual in French for anyone that would like it, you can click here for the ProEdge French Manual.


Technical Specs

The ProEdge has a 1/2hp motor and a belt speed of 1440 foot (440 metres) per minute. It is recommended by Robert Sorby that carbide tools should be sharpened with the diamond belt.



Robert Sorby ProEdge Review

For some time now I have been using a normal  bench grinder to sharpen my turning tools but, in spite of purchasing jigs to help I never managed consistency and a lasting edge on the tools.

Now I have purchased The Robert Sorby ProEdge sharpening system with accessories from Oliver’s Woodturning and my life has just become so much easier. It gives a really good edge and gives consistency. What more can a turner ask for!!

Compared with everything I have used so far I would have to give it a 10! It is so easy to use and apart from heavy grinding work it does everything I need of a sharpening system.

Excellent. By the way, Oliver’s Woodturning gives the best delivery service I have ever encountered!!