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Get your sharpening angle correct every time with a Proset

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ProEdge Proset from Robert Sorby. The Proset is designed to be used along with the fingernail profiler. The Proset is used to make sure that you are setting the gouge to be sharpened at the correct position within the fingernail profiler. This gives the same angle every time and is very simple.

The Proset should be screwed down to the edge of a bench so it does not move around. You slide the gouge to be sharpened through the head of the fingernail profiler, then line the tip of the gouge up to the angle on the Proset and lock off the fingernail profiler.  The face of the fingernail profiler should be up tight to the base of the Proset thus making the distance from the tip of the gouge to the face of the fingernail profiler the same every time you sharpen.

The angle of the belt must also be the same each and every time so that the sharpening angle stays the same.

A good tip is to write down the settings that you use on the gouge with an indelible marker pen so you don’t forget the settings that you have used.