FPR Robert Sorby Face Plates

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Robert Sorby Face Plates for 2″ Jaws

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Product Description

Robert Sorby Face Plates are supplied in two sizes, 80mm and 120mm. Both sizes connect to the Patriot chuck via the 2″ (50mm) jaw sets.

  • The Robert Sorby face plates are simple to use.
  • They do away with the need to remove the chuck from the lathe when a face plate mount is required.
  • The face plate is designed with a internal 50mm dovetail to the back of it, which is connected to the 50mm (2″) jaw set.
  • The Patriot jaws simply expand to securely hold your work.
  • Also this is a very quick and easy way to mount and dismount your timber.

Please remember to use large enough wood screws to hold the wood that’s being mounted.