RSJ Robert Sorby Patriot Chuck Jaws

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Robert Sorby Expanding Jaw Sets

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Product Description

The Patriot Chuck Jaws from Robert Sorby are designed to fit their range of Patriot chucks, but they will also fit the Nova range of chucks.

The expanding jaw chuck range allows you to mount various size projects onto your lathe without having to remove the chuck itself.  You simply undo the jaw screws and replace the jaws. The jaws are held securely to the body by 8 countersunk socket screws.

The Patriot chuck jaws are tapered as most expanding jaw sets are. They also have a set of ridges for optimum grip. Another advantage with the Patriot chuck jaws is that they can be installed onto the Patriot chuck in any order.

Standard Patriot chuck jaw sizes and recommend turning size based on bowls and platters.

  • RSJ1 1″ jaws for fine work
  • RSJ15 1 3/8″ jaws for small bowls up to 6″ (150mm)
  • RSJ2 2″ standard jaws for day to day use bowls up to 10″
  • RSJ3 2 3/4″ jaws for larger bowls up to 13″
  • RSJ4 3 1/2″ jaws for large bowls up to 16″ diameter
  • RSJ5 4 1/4″ jaws for extra large bowls and platters over 16″

Tips for any scroll chuck: You should use the jaw size recommended for the size of wood that you will be turning.  You should cut your spigot or dovetail to the minimum diameter suggested for the jaw size that you are using, this will give you the maximum surface contact and the maximum grip. The wider that you have the jaws open the less contact there will be.